Flexible Wireless Sensor

SmartTag is a flexible wireless sensor, which can stick on any surface and collect environment data easily. Our first application is to upgrade conventional manufacturing line which still using old machines.

By sticking our SmartTags on old machine, we can collect all the data about how does this old equipment work automatically, and send this information to big data server for further analysis.

SmartTag is the low-cost solution for upgrading factory without purchasing a brand new automatic machine. The core tech of SmartTag is our Thermal Thin Film PCB, which is the most flexible PCB material in the world and the fire retardant point ups to 400 °C.

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Open Source Smart Wristband

WAVE is a wearable Arduino basically. It is made by our Thermal Thin Film PCB technology, thus it is super flexible.

WAVE only includes an ATMega328 MCU, BLE, and a G-sensor. It has 10 I/O pins for extending sensors by users. You have to do the coding by yourself to give WAVE a specific function – and we have prepared the gesture control library and the communication set for you.

How can WAVE do? You can control smart device at home using gesture, make your own VR game with low-cost WAVE and Google cardboard, or, of course, detect your heartbeat by adding a heart rate sensor.

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Personal LED Display

FLED is a flexible LED display with 300 RGB LEDs, controlled by mobile app via BLE and can be folded into a scroll.

It is made by our Thermal Thin Film PCB technology, which allows FLED running big current without any heat sink for cooling the display. We just tried to make some cool things using this tech, a shinning display as a jacket?

A flexible flag as a screen? It depends on your imagination.